wherever you are XS

Udo Jürgens died today.
he was an outstanding composer (composed ~1000 songs) and an awesome artist.

probably... a lot of younger german people weren't listening to his music, which i can understand because it's been very 'old-fashioned'. but as much as some might want to deny it, every german person knows at least 3 or 4 songs of him. "Griechischer Wein", "Aber bitte mit Sahne", "Mit 66 Jahren"... 
even if you're not interested in his music, i would like to recommend a movie which tells about his story. the name of the movie is "Der Mann mit dem Fagott". it is a really touching and heartwarming movie. please take a bit of your time to watch it.

i've been to some one ok rock concerts lately, so i decided to try to make a cover of "wherever you are". i didn't play guitar in a while and i've never been good when it comes to barré chords, but they were neccessary for this song. i decided to finally learn how to play them. i'm not good at it at all, but i recorded myself playing the song for my own improvement. i am not content with the result at all, but i can't record another one now, due to the fact that my fingers are hurting as hell. as i stopped practicing after 2 hours, i heard the news that Udo Jürgens died. this is when i decided to upload this far-from-perfection version of the song. i think, somehow, it fits.
so please excuse the unclean, shortened version with all its mistakes. i'll do a proper cover as soon as i'm able to play it clean.

thank you
for all the amazing music you've created.


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