All I See

yay!! (´▽`)ノ

so i finally made it!
here's the full version to "All I See"!

i'll do a video-recording to this one, soon! yay!!

phateless - All I See

thank you very much for checking it out! (*'ω'*)ノ



walking through clouds

been to the city today. it was a very misty day, so it felt like i've been walking through clouds. it kinda fit to my mood. at least i was able to do some things i've wanted to do for a long time. (*'ω'*)ノ
actually i've been looking for some kind of.. 'halloween costume'. didn't find it at all, so i decided to buy some random stuff, yay! a belt, a t-shirt and.. a "survival kit" - filled with peppermint-flavoured candy. ..well.. i don't really care about the inside, but yay, it's a gecko! (´▽`)ノ

by the way, my concert ticket for 「 BLACK LINE 」 arrived today! i was kinda confused as i opened the envelope.. like.. "i thought i just ordered a ticket. dafuq is this?" ..well, .. now i got two flyer and a .. sticker or something like that.

well, at least i got my ticket now. #037! mwaha! 
first j-rock concert since i've been to japan..

i'm totally looking forward to it! (*'ω'*)ノ



I'm Yours Tonight

looong time no see! (/ω\)
i wans't able to do anything at all cause i've been ill for about 2 months now. today is the first day in a very fucking long time where i was able to 'sing' again without the demand to caught after every fukkin verse.
i wanted to take a short nap today which ended up in sleeping for 5 hours.. my memory of what i've been dreaming was more than clear. due to this i had the strong desire for finding a song which's able to describe the feeling with which i was left when waking up.
while talking to a friend about what i've been dreaming, a song came to my mind.
that's why i tried to make a cover.

i'm sorry for my long absence. i'm back now. 
please be kind, my voice hasn't completely restored yet.




so i've been to a live and 3 clubs tonight.

i don't remember the names of the bands. they were kinda fun, played punk-rock. not bad at all but not worth remembering their names.
i feel bad about it. they might do a big gig a few months from now, but tonight,... they just did their job. i missed the volition.

i miss a lot of things. it kinda scares me.

we all have to move on, ne?

keep fighting for your dreams! 



big news!

hellow! (´▽`)ノ 

so, there are some good news!
another project has started!!
me and 5 other people decided to form a band! yay!! (*´∇`*) that's awesome, isn't it? haha! well, i got the honor to be the vocalist! i'm totally looking forward to it! can't wait, can't wait..

so, for now, .. i caught another cold. again. haha - not. `--´;;; i need to eat more healthy food than i'm used to.. stop eating pizza. start eating vegetables! yay!

to make this post complete, there are two new pictures! i hope you like them (´▽`)ノ ♥