hello from kyoto!

so, as i mentioned before, i'm in japan now. (⌒▽⌒)

the flight was great, and the jetlag.. well.. i'm not sure if i really got a jetlag or if the only reason i was tired as fuck was the fact, that i didn't sleep much the night before the journey started. :'D whatsoever, it's 11:03 am right now, the weather is great and i'm feeling good! right now it's ~25°C (77°F). it's said, it will rise up to ~29,5°C (85°F) - i can live with that, okay? 。◕‿◕。

so yeah, right now i'm drinking some coffee. nomnomnom.. 
so i decided to upload a few pictures i took with my mobile phone yesterday. here we go~!!

so, first of all, the airport in Frankfurt. i kinda feared that my luggage won't arrive at osaka, too. :'D but everything turned out well. as soon as i arrived in osaka, my whole luggage was checked at the entrance-controll.. i guess they thought, i could be a 'bad person' due to my piercings. ( ._.); but at least, the person checking it, was a very nice and handsome person. (笑)

so, as soon as i found hanna,.. or, better said, as soon as she found me, we went downstairs to the trains to go to osaka city. seeing those vending machines again made my

heart skip a beat. ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ i wished, germany would have stuff like that, too. not only at mainstations, but everyfuckingwhere. `--´;;

in osaka city, we went to a ... 'normal music store'. it was so fucked up somehow.. entering a small store like that.. unable to hold back aaall the upcoming emotions like "omfg, i know all those bands. ok i don't like them and this one isn't good either but oh my fucking god, aaall the music!!" (;▽;)

i'm really happy that i didn't have that much money with me.. otherwise i'd have spent it all to music. every single yen. ¬w¬;...

so i ended up buying only the most important ones. girugamesh - 絶頂BANG!!
aaaalll the emotions!! ಥ‿ಥ

after that, we spent our time on a small place nearby, watching people and the happenings around this area. strange people with crab-hats made of paper.. bands performing on the street.. a street-casting of japanese girls.. it was really awesome. even if i got a bit scared of that crab-hat-guy at first. wearing accessoires at his trousers.. having the shape of penises. but. well. to say it in Hanna's words: "well, that's japan. everything can happen." ≖‿≖

so, after a few hours of sitting and staring, we decided to go home. we got sick of taking the luggage with us all the time. it was way too hot for that. (~30°C/86°F) i really, really like japan's landscape. i think i'll never get sick of it.
whee~ you see hanna-san in this picture? (笑) i'm so thankful she helped me with the luggage (._.); won't even think about it bringing it back to the airport. ...won't even think about going back at all. (¬__¬)

anyone of you knowing these? best. cigarettes. evar. i'm so happy they're still available (︶▽︶)~
so, yeah. 
here i am, in kyoto, waiting for hanna-san to return back home from school, so that i may prepare some lunch for her,.. and.. and.. yeah. i hope every single on of you is having a good time - wherever you are right now. enjoy life! (。・ω・。)ノ♡

aaall the love and much, much more!