go to the zoo, they said.

go to the zoo, they said. 
it will be fun, they said.

i've been to the zoo yesterday. i took my camera with me to take some pictures. here are some of my best shots. i hope you'll like them!





as i took a closer look at one of the smallest boxes, looking for the tiny animal living in there.. i couldn't believe my eyes.
look at that ground.  

skeletons. skeletons everywhere.

it was very impressive. and scary as hell.

all in one,
it was a very nice.. but kinda unsettling day.



green a.live

halli-hallo! ヽ(´▽`)ノ

i did a new recording with my mobile phone.

some mistakes as usual.

sorry for the imperfect japanese, i had a hard time figuring out how to pronounce the words fitting to the beat.

nevertheless, i really love that song. if you haven't listen to the original one - do it!

[ YUI cover ]



so long

hello-hello!  (´▽`)

first of all, thank you for your supporting mails and the interest in the charity project! i'm still working on items which you might be interested in. the lack of free-time makes it hard, but not impossible. it just takes its time.
nevertheless - thank you very much! i'll keep you up to date about everything!
up to now we've been able to collect about 50€! i'm very happy about that fact! once again - thank you!! ヽ(´▽`)ノ

 well, i was looking for some (more or less 'usefull') accessoires, and due to my own interests, i asked myself...

what about pritned bandanas? 

or phone-straps? 

i tied this one to a new 8GB-usb-stick. 
found some other jewelery for other combinations. this was just an try-out.

if you want something, let me know.

talking about myself, i've met some friends of mine. it's been a while since the last time i've seen them, so we did our best to have a great time! - and i'd say - it was an full success! 
thanks again for the great memories! 

in addition to this, some concert tickets arrived!


by the way, i wanted to let you know that the actual costs for the charity items itself are (producing only) : 

T-Shirt - 10,00 €
Bandana - 2,50 €
Phone-Strap - 1,50 €
+ the amount of money you want to contribute for the charity project - which is up to you.

free shipping. i'll pay it by myself.

once again - if you're interested in any item or the project itself - contact me via