halli-hallooo~! ( ´∀`)ノ
and welcome to the year 2015!! ★☆★

i hope you guys had a great time over the years! how was your christmas? mine was pretty nice to be honest. we celebrated with only a very few people so it was pretty relaxing. ヽ( `ω´)ノ

what about new year's eve? had a great party with your friends and/or family? well, i had! (笑) hannaちゃん came to germany (again) so we decided to go to Düsseldorf. this city has some kind of 'japanese area' with a special カラオケ-bar and a lot of asian stores. that's all it needs, ne? (笑) so after we decided to celebrate NYE there, we asked some people to join us. ending up with 11 people partying NYE at カラオケ! seriously, it was pretty special!!(笑) sofiaちゃん, hannaちゃん and i shared an apartment, starting from dec 30th - 05th jan, which was bigger than expected so it was 'the place to be'. ★ (by the way: i want to thank the cleaning lady and apologize once again for all the bottles and cans she had to take with her every time she came. *scratches head*)

however, we had awesome days. most of the people left on jan 3rd, so hanna and i had two more days by ourselves. we watched some weird movies, most of them were... not so nice. *laughs* however, it was a lot of fun! on the last day, i had the chance to meet another friend of mine which i haven't seen in four fucking years. it's been just for a short time (like, 1 hour or something), but it was worth it! so, thanks for coming over to see us, kira! ヽ(´▽`)ノ hope it won't take another 4 years until we meet again!!

so, 皆さん!! i want to thank you for the very special and awesome party at NYE and the days before&after! i hope i will meet you again some day!!

looking back at the year 2014, i have to admit that i'm happy that it's over. a lot of things happened but it was a pretty exhausting year. already made some changes in my life so 2015 won't be the same. well, this sounds kinda negative, ne? *scratches head again* what i really want to say is, that my working situation was more than fucked up. i didn't make a lot of money at all, and all i got : i spent for ...music!!  ヽ(;▽;)ノ
so i didn't have the time for myself or friends at all, cause all i did was going to a fucking shitload of concerts!! (which was fucking amazing!!) therefor i was able to see girugamesh (5x), one ok rock (3x), coldrain (2x), heidi. (1x), miyavi (1x) and crossfaith (1x)!!

concert life is a tough life. but totally worth it. (ง •̀_•́)ง

i even got some tickets for the upcoming mucc - tour!! seriously, i've been waiting so long for them to return to europe again, i can't believe it's finally happening!!
ヽ(´▽`)ノ i want to meet some friends there again as well! let's meet up and have a great time!!  ヽ( ゜ 3゜)/

so, thank you, everybody!! for everything that happened in the last few months! i'm totally looking forward to the next adventure we're in!
let's do this!!

from heart,