hallihallooo! (/・ω・)/


yes, i'm still alive! survived everything! (笑)

long story short : i'm too lazy to tell every single detail of what happened the last weeks. so i'll just post some pictures, which kinda show my personal memories of the different events.

first of all, there was the Black Line concert in Stuttgart. it was an awesome live. i decided to go there due to the fact, that the city is about 1h away from where i live. and i needed a concert so badly. [ addiction, yep. ] i met july & laura for the first time, two girls i haven't met before but talked to via twitter a lot. i'd say, we had a great evening! the sound was indescribably good, better as a lot of other concerts i've been to. it was a very small club and not that much people there, but i really liked it that way.

the guys seemed to have a lot of fun on stage, enjoying the music and the crowd.. they really got me. that's why laura & i decided to travel to Köln, to see another concert of them, too. it was on that "special date" where the world was supposed to end. *laughs a bit* nevertheless.. it was an awesome evening as well. the whole trip.. all the stuff that happened traveling there - .. hah.. i can't find any words but "wurstig"!! (笑)

well, christmas itself wasn't special at all. the usual stuff. hanging around, spending the evenings with that part of the family you never see during the year.. smalltalk about .. i don't even remember. so, most of the time, i decided to shut up and thought about the days and happenings that will follow soon after CE. 

and then there it was! dat day! when HANNA-CHAN finally arrived!!  (*'ω'*)ノ she stayed for two weeks, which passed by way too fast.. whatever - we had a great time! it felt so familiar somehow.. even if it wasn't japan, where we used to share a tiny room as well, it kinda reminded me of that time.. 
hanna-chan!! i miss you!! (´・_・`)

soon after that, new years eve was about to arrive. hanna-chan and i decided to spend the night in a city named Düsseldorf. due to the fact, that there's a japanese カラオケbar! [ yes. 'nuff said. ]
we ended up with 6 other people coming along as well (笑) july & laura for example. sarah & kay and flo & cori! ヽ(´▽`)ノ so, after shopping in the japanese stores where hanna & i managed to find some Asahi, we went back to the hotel and ordered some pizza.... a lot of pizza! so much pizza!!! (っ˘ڡ˘ٍ)

yes. it was an awesome night as well! [ seriously. so much of the laugh. ] i managed to make a lot of video recordings... i want to make a "NYE-video-special"; - but i didn't have time til now! prepare yourself!! (*'ω'*)ノ
somehow i didn't manage to say "goodbye" to the old year and "hello" to the new one.

well, this blog entry became longer than i thought. (笑) so i'll end it with some random pictures!  ヽ(´▽`)ノ

herp derp di derp! july & i preparing for the NYE at the hotel!! 
[ one of my favorite pictures for sure! (笑) ]

sunny - watchin' 「the lion king」- like a lion! ( `ω´)

well, yeah, that's all for now!
i hope every single one of you had a great time as well! ヽ(´▽`)ノ
welcome to '13!! let's rock even harder than the year before!!! φ(*'д'* )ノ