across the world


aah, today's such a beautiful day! 
nothing special happened, but the sun is shining and it's warm outside and.. aah, i just enjoy the sun so much! i think i just found the most beautiful place in the village i'm living for.. 7 or 8 years now haha! it's a pretty small one but.. gosh, it was so beautiful between those cherry-trees. (´▽`)
i can't believe i live here for so long now.. it still doesn't feel like 'home', you know? to be honest, i don't like the village itself.. but, well, who cares as long as there a beautiful moments like this! ^__^

whatever, yesterday i traveled to munich and met a friend for a few hours. did i ever mention how much i love it to travel by train? i just looove it to stare out of the windows for hours, watching the landscape.
so many, different places.. it feels so special somehow. like.. traveling around the world? i can't explain.. (/ω\) i just love and enjoy it every fucking time!!

sometimes, it depends on the song that's played on the mp3-player, i imagine being in a videogame like.. like... well, yeah, final fantasy! haha!
..i know i'm stupid. but i like my mind for creating fantasies like that! it makes every traveling so much more exciting!!
imagening what kind of monsters, creatures, animals might live at that place.. what kind of items you might be able to find there.. imagening a small village behind that hill and how they might live and stuff like that..
what did i say about taveling around the world? let's travel across different worlds!! yay! it's all about imagination! (*'ω'*)ノ

well, of course, a few minutes before you arrive to munich, you can see the Backstage-club outside the window! every time i travel to munich i have no choice but looking for it! and that's what i did again, haha! you see it?

..i guess you dont, haha! so, look here! if you take a closer look, you can read parts of it's headline!
memories forever!!
 ヽ( ´∀`)ノ♪

so, yeah~!
i had some amazing hours the last days!
i hope everyone of you is feeling fine, too (´▽`)
let's enjoy the sunny weather and the upcoming days! and whatever may happen -  don't care about what others may say and enjoy being yourself!



something good

new song i've created.
i really, really like it.

i was a bit (pretty) drunk as i made this record.

i love it.


phateless - something good [ drunk version ]

this time i'll add the lyrics.
there you go~

Don't turn around
never look back
all you need
is memorized in your head

stop asking questions
stop doubting yourself
you know what you want
and you know it well

Destroy your fears
don't dare to drown
don't blame the night
and wait for the dawn

the stars shine bright
seem so far away
I know they are your personal reasons to stay

Push them away
the ones who've tried so hard
to hold you down

All you need is to believe in yourself
to let something good going on

Follow your dreams
step by step
listen to your heart
so you'll never regret

choices once made
whatever may come
I know you've got the confidence to move on

I trust in you
don't care what they say
I know that one day you will go your own way

don't be afraid
of those things that may come
remember all the things you've already done

Push them away
the ones who've tried so hard
to hold you down

All you need is to believe in yourself
to let something good going on



It's all about taking chances.

Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets.

So, love the people who treat you right

and forget about the ones who don't.

And believe

that everything happens for a reason...

If you get a chance - take it;

if it changes your life - let it.

Nobody said that it would be easy...

They just promised

it would be worth it.



「零」Rei - Zero

i'm so in love with this song...
catchy tune of doom. (; ̄∇ ̄ )

therefor i decided to try playing it at piano.

well, the chorus is the only part i'm able to play without completely failing... [ it's hard to do something like this if you don't have any idea which chords you're ablout to play, just trying to find out fitting tunes,.. ]

so, here's the piano cover version of Girugamesh -  「零」Rei - Zero
at least the chorus. (笑)




one year and two days ago, - the big earthquake in japan. 


but that's not all i'm thinkin about these days. i have to think about the journey i did last year. the traveling. 5 concerts in 9 days. since then i'm getting excited everytime i have to travel by train. different cities. different faces. different stories.
extreme emotions. 

now, all that's left are memories and crappy pictures i made with my mobile back then. but the meories i'm talking about are,.. well,.. very strong ones. banned in songs.
i'll never forget this time. traveling to berlin, munich, strasbourg, paris, bochum..
so much to think about.

 the flight to berlin.. ..and the traveling by train to munich at 5 am..
sitting in front of the tv, staring at the unbelievable news about japan..

the concert in munich.. with all the emotions.. i remember it as if it was yesterday. the consciousness about what's going on. the worries about everything.. and then, the calming, helping music..

the concert in strasbourg..
with friends from sweden..

 paris.. where i nearly got lost. *laughs* i knew that paris was big but i did forget _how_ big it was. an adventure itself, for sure.. 

and then, the last one, back in germany, bochum..

once again, i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. for everything. i tried to support as much as i could. i will never forget these days. i will never forget what happened back then.



SEASONS [ feat. Resrum ]

the last days were amazing! (´▽`)ノ
thanks to a friend I was able to collect a bunch of new experiences! we made a new version of 'SEASONS'! I'm very happy about the chance he gave to me! ありがとうございます!

in addition to that, i was able to find a new e-piano! yay!! i guess you'll hear a lot of me in the next time, if you like it or not!! haha! so be prepared! (*'ω'*)ノ