get-well presents

hallihallo~!  ( ・ω・)ノ

yesterday i got a lot of get-well presents due to the fact that a few friends and my mother came to visit me at the hospital. if you pat on the head of the green plushie it makes noises of a pig, haha!
i love it so much. *pats its head all the time* [ it's a true nurse-hunter, hehe. "awww, what's this?" "it's my pig, hehe! wanna touch?" ♡ ]

as they've left, the first thing i've opened was the big letter from hana-chan from japan. what came out was a plastic bag from SUG which i remembered that she said a few weeks, months back, that she'd searched for it over whole japan haha! ok, or, at least in kyoto.. nevertheless, remembering that made my eyes wet.
looking forward to what might be inside this plastic bag (that smells like 'japan store' btw.. yes, it does!) i opened it and...

what came out was more than i could have ever imagined lmfao. up to now i can't put into words how i felt as i opened the package. the first thing i truly recognized was the lynch. - MIRRORS album. 
i stared at it, being paralyzed by its glaze, haha! then i found another mini-plastic bag (yes, it smelled like japan-store, too!) and looked into it and found the fit's chewing gum which made me laugh out loud. ♡ i still have the melody of it's advertising inside my head as soon as i read its name, haha!
then, i took a look at the magazine she's sent me, too. as i looked at the names of its cover, the first thing i've recognized - of course - was ギルガメッシュ 「左迅」. so i opened the book, jumped over the pages i didn't really care about and landed at the page where the interview of Satoshi started.

There, suddenly, a wild letter appeared! [/pokémon-joke] 

 shellfish, haha!
oh hana-chan, i love you for that.
[ we thought about a Kanji for my name and found 「貝」 which means "shellfish". and once, in a conversation back then, i wanted to say that i should become more selfish and said shellfish instead.. ]
 and the last sentence says:
"...and next time i see you, you have to do the fit's dance!" *laughs*
I promise!  

Hah, I laughed and cried at the same time. Thank you so much for the get-well presents and wishing-well letters! I'll be back soon! (´▽`)ノ



i'm your living legacy

i finished final fantasy crisis core yesterday. awesome game is awesome. i can't put into words how much i adore this game. i cried a lot at the end.
it's strange somehow. i mean,
you know how it will end. you know what will happen during the game. but there are the little moments that makes it so ..special.. somehow.

this one quote, which repeats over and over again..

"embrace your dreams.
if you want to be a hero
you need to have dreams
...and honor.

..i'll never get it out of my head.
there's something inside me that becomes stronger everytime i hear it.
but i think, everybody who's played this game feels the same thing, haha!

i'm pretty tired now.



「Tragedy World, with nothing to lose,
I stretched my hand out towards a fleeting daydream.
What was left was a bad day dream.

I was touched by the wide expanse of the borderless sky
That gentle smiling face, towards the gentle sea

I want to wrap my arms around you just like this sky
Maybe this is something that can't be erased

This is not a song to just forget about the painful past
This is a song that confronts the sadness
The moon in the night sky waxes and wanes
There are no stars in sight.
But even in the darkness, this is a song I share with you.

Tragedy world, with nothing to lose,
I stretched my hand out towards a fleeting daydream.
What was left was the next stage

The sound that stops the blowing wind
crosses over my words
That gentle smiling face, towards the gentle sea

Are you leaving now? But it's fine right, since you've decided

During the times when there are battles
We need to face them alone
But even during those times, wherever you are
I hope this song will resonate strongly

This is not a song to just forget about the painful past
This is a song that confronts the sadness
The moon in the night sky waxes and wanes
There are no stars in sight.
But even in the darkness, tomorrow shines brightly
And this is a song I share with you.」

- UVERworld - 白昼夢



look, what i've found today.
i've been looking for another earring so i started to look through the jewelery i have and found this cross.
it's been a while since i last had this in my hands. it's been a birthday present. i barely remember which one but i think it was the 16th or 17th.. i really loved it. and i still do.
even if i have nothing to do with christianity, i still love the symbol of a cross like this.. a lot of memories are connected to this item..

back then, i lost it once.. but the person i got it from gave me a new one. up to today i can't put in words how thankful i am for this. ..i guess, since then, i don't dare to wear it every day. i don't want it to get lost again.. 
somehow it's funny how i am able to get some kind of "connection" to accessoires. the often i wear them, the more i get the feeling that they become a part of me. so i really have a problem with losing them. it feels like.. a part of me just disappears.

thinking about stuff like that makes me realise, that there's only one more item that makes me feel like that cross. i think i found it about the same age. [ huh, i become old, haha! ]
my beloved ring.
i waer it as soon as i'm about to leave the house. this item truly became a part of me, haha! (´▽`)ノ





it's damn late but i don't feel sleepy at all. slowly but sure i really get tired of being tired without being able to sleep. i hate it. due to this, i spend the nights with drawing and listening to some live-DVDs. atm i prefer listening to [ LIQUIDIZE ] from D'espairsRay. ♪ 

huh, i hope there will be any japanese concert this year of a band i really want to see [ again ].. i thought about going to satsuki x kaya and screw, but i think i won't have enough money for this..

things i do when i can't sleep and being too tired to do anything useful?
I try out a lot of senseless stuff. like .. the "anime face maker". I think it became pretty accurate, ne? [ ok, ok, i chose my old hairstyle because i let them grow again at the moment. `_´; ]

the last two days i decided to finally follow back a few of my followers on twitter! once again, thanks for following! or, to say it with Shuu's words:



short night was short.
wasn't able to fall asleep at first, then woke up way too early. however. i had a wonderful breakfast! (´▽`)
i'm still tired, so i need to drink some more coffee..

yesterday i got the graphic-programm "SAI".
i never heared of it before. but it's pretty easy to use ++ i like the outcome.
-> i think it's okay due to the fact that this was my first try, haha!
however, i really enjoy 'working' with this program. i try my best to improve as fast as possible. ^-^/
[still so many things i want to do..]


no music = no life !


today's a good day. (´▽`) and awesome playlist is awesome, haha!
i had my first mini-live today `_´ it was a lot of fun! i'm looking forward to the next one! 
it was only a pretty small and short one but i think the next one will be much better and bigger! `_´
i'm pretty tired cause i wasn't able to sleep at night again.. (; ̄□ ̄ ) so i guess i'll spend the rest of the day drawing pictures and listening to awesome music from awesome artists! yess!

have a nice day everybody!



so many things i want to do..

i wish i could split myself into different persons O_O

the one's drawing the whole day,
the other one is doing music all the time,
the next one is writing fictive stories,
another one is taking pictures and shootings,...

so many things i want to do O_O
but such a lack of time..

arrr, this sucks.

i need to get a better time-management or something like that. (._.);


how to make me happy


ohmygodohmygodohmygod. today i went to the city and spent a lot of money for a lot of experimental things. for example a new graphic tablet aaand a cheap version of magix' 'music maker rock edition'. oh my god i can't wait to use it, haha! the magix' program was pretty cheap.. so i wonder if i can use it in any way. but yeah, i'll give it a try! (^o^)/ but now i have to try the GT first. °___°; yay!! [++bonbon!!]


long day was long

what a day, what a day. (y_y)
i haven't been that tired for a long time.

piano-lesson went better than expected. i didn't manage to practice a lot.. so, due to this, it went pretty well. after the lesson itself we watched some parts of Joja Wendt's live DVD named "Mit 88 Tasten um die Welt" which was pretty awesome.. after that we watched some parts of the musical "CHESS", too and i got some kind of catchy tune stuck in my head since then. i hate when stuff like that happens. i won't get any rest before i listened to this song at least once again. arrr.

 i got a "late christmas present" a few days ago. a new PSP game called "Phantasy Star". I have no clue what kind of game this is, nor if i like it... nevertheless, i have to finnish "Final Fantasy 7 - Crisi Core" first before i start a new game. [ but i dont want to. Q_Q; i don't want it to come to an end!! ]

i've got a feeling that tomorrow will be a great day somehow. unable to explain where this feeling is coming from, i'm really looking forward to explore the new day.  (/・0・)/


stormy weather is stormy


it's pretty stormy outside..
somehow i feel like it's going to be autumn instead of spring, haha!
however, i feel very uncomfortable going outside..

does anybody out there ever tasted this kind of chocolate? it's pretty awesome.. even if i'm not able to eat more than two pieces without feeling like i'm going to puke.. (=_=);
uurgh, i'm eating too much sweets these days..

one more reason to enjoy my breakfast!! ♪
omnomnom! ♥



yay! finally~!!

hello everybody, nice to see ya! ★☆★

finally i managed to start a new, project-related weblog.
at the same time i updated the website, too. [ i know, i know, it's been a while ==; ]
whatsoever, i try to be more active now! yay!

by the way, here feel free to listen to my latest records! ^_-