may i introduce? - prince fabulous! 

(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

he~ll~ow! (/・ω・)/

bad news - i'm sick again. (๑•́ ω •̀๑) due to that, i've decided to write a random blog entry. ヽ(;▽;)ノ i can't wait for spring to come. so sick of winter.. 


i mean, i'm not a bad driver at all, but i really hate driving in.. well.. SNOW. you know. when there's nothing but.. SNOW. when you can't see the roads anymore because .. SNOW. SNOW EVERYWHERE. ಠ_ಠ;; 

therefor i stayed inside as often as possible. the result of not going outside was, that i found myself drawing again. ..i didn't draw for a while, so i was kinda 'impressed' about the result. (笑) so i decided to draw more often again. 

well, due to the fact that i need to stay at home for a few days now, i thought, i could follow this nice intention of mine and grabbed some pen and paper.. just to find out, that i'm not able to concentrate at all. ≖‿≖
seriously. i hate it. well, okay, right now i hate nearly everything. the whole not-enough-power-for-anything-at-all-thing. seriously.

in addition to that, i am nearly deaf. at least it feels like that. (fucking influenza. just disappear again!!!) so i'm not even able to just lay in bed + listen to music. no. i can't enjoy it at all! Q^Q
please! help somebody!

enough of the self-pity! being a crybaby has never worked. i have to look forward to better times, ne? 
in this case, 
i hope everyone of you is doing fine and.. do yourself a favor and..

(...if not.. let me know. i'll find a way to brighten up your day!)




hello people out there! (*'ω'*)ノ it's been a while - once again!

happened a lot ; blabla.. lack of time.. bla.
i'll join the crowd of 「man with a mission」 on february 27th! `-´ so, if you want to meet me - better show up! (笑)

 and, .. be prepared! there's something big coming up!

stay tuned!!

'til then - enjoy the new video i've uploaded!

it's a cover from a band named 「Superfly」. pretty awesome song is pretty awesome! check out the original, too!