what's left - new [d.v.]

phateless - What's Left [ new version ]

draft version. (*'ω'*)ノ


on da piano!!

oh gosh!

i wanted to do a song of mine as piano-version. so i sat in front of it, thinking about what i could try first.. and "what's left" came to my mind. so i sat there, tryin to remind the main melody.. and to be honest, i dont know if i hit the original tunes in the moment i started playing it. but this doesn't matter. i started playing and wasn't able to stop for a while.
so i tried to record it. and this is what came out.

i'm in love with my own song. *laughs*

i hope you enjoy as much as i do.
even if it's not perfect - as usual. *laughs again*

i have the deep craving for recording it again. voice included.



Nir Theme

i have no fucking clue what's wrong with my recording-equipment but since yesterday i'm not able to record anything without the strange crack-noises.. (/rage)
(; ̄□ ̄ )

phateless - Nir Theme

got piano-lessons later. i should practice the songs from the book instead of writing my own stuff. (´・_・`)

the picture.. i took it yesterday morning. it reminds me a lot of Gackt's 「Oasis」.. Still not sure if this is a good thing or..not.





part of a new song of mine!

phateless - Malady

it makes me think of.. insanity. a childish, mad person; crazily happy; someone who's about to kill a person with a big smile on their face.



complicated ≠ impossible

long time no see! (⌒▽⌒)
to cut a long story short - i wrote a new song. ♬

it's nothing special at all, i was tired as fuck,.. and yes, i sang "out of mind out of sight" and didn't realize it. *scratches head* whatsoever; at least i got a draft version! a better one will follow ofc. ( ̄▽ ̄);

gosh, i've got so much to tell, but.. i just can't find the time to publish new blog entries. feels like i'm working 24/7 due to the fact that i want to save money for july/japan... - as much as possible!! (─`‿‿´─)