「 make a wish 」

hello my dears.

first of all - thanks for showing up. i hope you'll keep on reading until the end of this post.

i haven't updated a lot recently. sorry for that. i caught a second cold, due to my mental weakness.

2 years ago - what happened back then still burdens my soul. sadly, it changed my life. "sadly" because.. terrible things seem to have happen until people's minds are getting a 'wake up call'. we all knew the distress which might have come along with-..
i don't want to bore you with my kind of view.

nevertheless, it tears me down. 
not just in these months. weeks. days.
it's never been out of my mind.

but these days, the passed ones,.. made me even more sad about what has happened.

in germany, the country where i live in - the news. the newspapers. the media.
nearly nobody made a report about anything at all.
of course, there were some "special reports" and tv shows but.. not in an amount i'd hoped for.

people forget too easily..

due to that thought, i started to browse old folders of mine. been looking for memories.

the memories i've stumbled across were very different.
from times, where i was really happy, to times, where-.. 


in the end i remembered something. i remembered, that i wanted to come up with another project. a simple project.
back then, 2 years from now, i started to create something simple. it began with the wish to be able to help.
2 years from that time, i somehow ended up in a place, where everything i've planned could be realized.

but, for the final realization, i need you.

..look at this, please.

would you be interested in stuff like this? ..t-shirts, bandanas, wristbands..
i've got some other 'creations' as well. i just didn't print them until now..

what i'm asking for is
if i'd offer something like that - is there anybody out there who'd be interested in buying it?
i'd offer it to a price, which will cover the expenses, and everything in add-on, which is up to you - will be donated.
i'll make sure, the donations will attain at a serious company. [ you can help me with that, too. finding the right one. ]

let me know, if you are interested in doing so.

even one person will be okay.

just contact me, if you are interested.

[ info@phateless.com ]

thank you for reading.