regen und meer

another song of a german band. it's been a while since the last time i listened to it.. but somehow i had to think about it tonight. so i thought i may give it a try.
had some problems with the chords, need to practice.. (´・_・`)

nevertheless, i made a recording of the song while i tried out how to play it the best and for listening to it, if i'll be able to do it, or not. i think i can make it. in a few days.. (;´Д`) in addition, my voice didn't work as i wanted it. (¬▂¬) doubtless none of my best recordings.

oh my god.. i really have to laugh listening to this like "oh my fucking god... practice, practice, practice!!" (笑)



back to you

short cover of a german song. don't worry, i wouldn't understand myself either, if i didn't know the lyrics. 

quality isn't the best. neither of the voice, pronunciation, nor the song itself.

as usual.

doesn't matter.

i had the desire of doing it, so i did.



back then

hellow! late-nite-entry - here we go!

so, lately, i made a tribute to sunny, my pet. he still looks like a kitten somehow. big paws, big ears,.. but as soon as he's on da road he's the king of the streets (笑)

a few days ago i found (very) old pictures of myself. looking at them, remembering my thoughts and wishes back then, made me kinda sentimental ...and proud. i became nearly everything i wanted to be back then. feels good, ne? looking back at your past, regretting nothing at all.
i guess, being honest to yourself and, following your dreams, is the most important thing on earth.

looking back, i really like how everything turned out until now. 
hard times will come over and over again. but, honestly.. if you don't know the 'dark sides of life', you'll never know when you're about to see the bright ones.

...aaalways look on the briiight siiide of liiife~ ♪

stupid me is stupid. again. (笑)

so, for now, i decided to upload a few pictures of the passed 5 years.

that's it. (´▽`)ノ



white flag


i felt like doing music.
and failed terribly.

then, looking for songs i've sang so many times, i found dido's 'white flag' again, and i wondered why i didn't make a cover of it yet.
now i know, again.
i am unable to play one of the chords lmfao.
i recorded without caring, i recorded without even sitting in front of the microphone; i just wanted to sing.
therefor, low quality is low.

even if i messed up the chord over and over again;
i think the vocals.. turned out kinda "not bad at all".

so, here you go.
my late-nite-version of dido's 'white flag'.

thanks for listening!


misheard lyrics of doom: "i will go down with this shit"

Onpu no Tegami ♬

hello everybody! 

got a new program, so i thought i'll give it a try and play a bit with it. i decided to play a short version of miyavi's "onpu no tegami". so, here's the result! (´▽`)ノ

still facinated by all the selections... i wonder how this song may sound if i use strings instead... maybe i'll be able to figure out how to edit it correctly, soon. `--´;



What's Left

i can't put into words what-... no, i just can't.

Resrum  re-recorded the piano-version of 'what's left'.

check it out, please.

i'm unable to find the right words to explain how awesome this is.