because that's why!

well, today my order arrived.

kagerou last live DVD + girugamesh crying rain single.. + a "japanese mag". (it didn't cost anything, therefor i couldn't choose which one i want.) well. ofc i got the area37°... kpop-special. and i was like.. "god. why." i mean.. every other area37°-mag would have been more interesting than a k-pop special.. i mean.. i listen to it. from time to time. but i'm not that interested in it at all.

nevertheless, i started to run over it's pages, 'til suddenly....

"that's why!" (笑)
can't count anymore how often i've been listening to that one song ['my bus'] during the last weeks. so i chose to feel okay with that mag. 

today i was the first time working alone in the store. 
it was more fun than i could have ever imagined. ´___`; everything went well so far and.. yeah. i'm just happy that i didn't fuck up anything at all *laughs* okay.. i forgot the birthday of a woman, working at the store nearby, but.. i would even forget my own birthday if i wasn't born at such an awesome date! `-´!

yep. so far-.. gotta go again, soon. going to the cinema tonight! watching "sinister".... not sure if i'll survive that movie...



you look so fine

music!! ヽ( `ω´)ノ

it's just a short recording but i wanted to upload something again! so, here we go!!

phateless - you look so fine [ garbage cover ]

btw.. it's been very cold today.  
(๑•́ ω •̀๑) 



Life's like a Papaya

 long time no see! 

it's been a while and it happened a lot. good and bad but let's go for the good ones first! ヽ( `ω´)ノ well, atm i got a job at some kind of copy-shop! well, it's more a paid apprenticeship (笑) so it's a lot of fun what i'm learning and - yay! i get paid for it!! i love the work itself and i love my boss as well. he's one of a kind, just like i am, so.. we get along with each other very well! i enjoy working there!

therefor i'm in a extremely relaxed mood. even if, as i already mentioned, some things aren't as good as they could be. ..my body for example. *laughs a bit* i looked tired as fuck the passed months, even if i slept for hours.. the dark circles around my eyes never disappeared completely. finally the docs seemed to figure out the reason why. i got an extremely lack of iron in my blood. well, let's face the fact - i am damn close to anemia. due to the lack of iron. ( i didn't know that was even possible.. but yeah. that's how it is. )

due to that, i'll get some injections in my vains. ( tabs probably won't helpt out at all. ) i'm kinda excited how this "therapy" will turn out.. maybe i'll become better in waking up in the morning? (笑) who knows, who knows.

so, whatever, i took some pictures of the passed weeks which i want to share with you guys. 

so, first of all - who recognizes him?? nah-? yay, it's my 'lil sweetheart! well, in fact, there's not much left to say. he's just an adorable being. very special in his .... 'cute' kinda way.*laughs*

lately, we've got an order at work....

ヘ( ̄ー ̄ヘ)  Op

(ノ ̄ー ̄)ノ Op

(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 Op

〜( ̄△ ̄〜) Op

(☞゚∀゚)☞ Oppan Gangnam Style

did i already mention how much i love my work? no? well,... i. fucking. love. it!!  (─‿‿─) so many things to do, creating, creating, creating!! 

ah, i was wide awake inside my head, but my body was tired as always... i really hope, that it'll get better with tomorrow's first injection. i'm tired of being tired 24/7.


winter has arrived!! it's been fucking cold and it's snowing nearly every day. ( even if it's raining afterwards and the snow's melting away again... i love snow! )

maybe there's a chance of a "white christmas".. didn't have it for.. years.

this reminds me of the urge to make a new cd for the car. do you know that? having your own "seasonal songs" you want to listen to?
for me in person, there are a lot of songs like that. 

D'espairs Ray's 「闇に降る奇跡 -Classical White Ver.-」is one of those. 

on monday i've been to my first concert since i'm back from japan! my second non-japanese concert ever. (笑)

well, i can't say anything but that it was awesome! papa roach played "forever", "to be loved" and "scars" (besides of 'last resort' and 'broken home'), three of my favorite songs ever and stone sour did a brilliant job entertaining the audience, too! my heart nearly stopped for a second as they've started to play "through the glass".. right after "bother".
it was awesome.
guys, you did a great job! i'm looing forward to see both of them again someday.
in the end, i wanted to show you something i made today at work! some kind of... special merchandise! *laughs* i'm pretty sure they'd never support that kind of thing but.. well, that's my favorite lighter now!

i hope everyone of you out there is alright and having a great time, too! sorry for the irregular updates but.. i've got a lot of things to handle. (`ロ´ノ)ノ hopefully i'll be back with some new music soon! (笑) stay connected!!