hellow again! (´▽`)ノ

so, lately we've got the first snow of the year! did i ever mention how much i love snow? especially if it's really sticky one! so i went outside, even if it was already dark.. 

and built this!! `--´;; 

isn't it awesome? i feel so artistic! (;▽;)

aaand, 5 days ago, it was Halloween, wasn't it? well, i thought about a costume kinda too long, so i ended up having no time at all... and so i had to improvise.. and ended up with this. (笑) 

SO ARTISTIC!!  φ(*'д'* )ノ

it was such an awesome halloween. been to a house-party with some friends i haven't seen in a long time.. hash-.. i like those days. cold days. as long as it's not too cold inside my room. *laughs* 

ah-! that reminds me of something!
i, well,.. i wrote a 'new song'. or, let's say... i wanted to write a new song but didn't know what to sing about so.. i just sang about me not knowing what to sing about. ಠ__ಠ and due to the fact, that hanna-chan forced me to write something, even if i had no fucking clue what i should do,.. i ended up with this!

phateless - hanachan


well.. err.. ≖‿≖
yeah, today arrived a 'lil package with new ear plugs! (;▽;) i lost my favorite ear plug months ago (the green one.. with the leopard pattern..) and wasn't able to find it since then. so i decided to buy it again. twice!! `___´;;

yep, yep.. so far, .. nope, there didn't happen something special at all. very unspectacular blog entry is very unspectacular. i know that. °-°; .. nevertheless,.. well,.. 

have a nice day! (/・ω・)/


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  1. snow ;___; want some too! great costume anyway XD
    and the glitter plug~~ hihi, have the same xD