so, finally,.. 
here are some pictures from my trip to japan!




 i'll probably never forget this frog. it kinda scared the fuck out of me when i saw it the first time.


it was an awesome live. even if bansaku wasn't there~

a friend of mine asked me to bring her a live DVD from Royz. well.. i ended up buying some more. just to make her happy. (´▽`)ノ ♥

found this at Osaka's Tower Record store..


"Milky" is probably.. everywhere. so i thought i'd give it a try but.. seriously. it tasted like unbaked dough. (笑)

pepsi - salty watermelon. so much of the tastyness!! ヽ(;▽;)ノ





lost in Nagano.
hana-san and i asked ourselves like a thousand times why so many bands are doing a live in this city. maybe we went to the 'wrong' places, but.. 

...it really wasn't impressive at all.


one of the most fascinating things was the fact, that people were sleeping nearly.. everywhere. 
all the time. 


 one of the things i miss the most. 

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  1. Es ist schon lange her das ich etwas von dir gelesen habe Kai, aber du wirst dich sicherlich nicht mehr an mich erinnern.

    Ich hoffe das es dir mittlerweile besser geht, aber so wie ich diesen Blog überflogen habe scheinst du dich echt gut zu mausern.

    Schön zu sehen~